Monday, February 28, 2011

Game Changers

After weeks of planning, I have finally done it. I have finally gone to the grocery store (I know, what an amazing feat I have now accomplished). I even rode my bike there! While this would usually be an extremely mundane event (and still is, in fact), I find it very significant in that it means that I finally have healthy snack food. More importantly, it means that I finally have some healthy grab and go breakfast options that consist of yogurt cups and bananas.

Nearly every morning since starting my new job (three weeks ago), I have been feeding myself in the morning with either a McDonalds Sausage McMuffin with Egg (plus hashbrown) or kolaches from this donut place I pass. This is upsetting, albeit delicious, on so many levels. Not only is this really unhealthy and therefore making it difficult to win my contest with Mom, but I think the guy that works the window at McDonalds is starting to recognize me. I even took a much longer route last Friday so that I could go to a McDonalds where no one knew me. I feel like that should really be my red flag that something is wrong. In fact, I remember promising myself that I would never become a regular at a fast food establishment when I was having lunch at Wendy's once and a 300 pound woman came in who already had her "usual" order basically waiting for her. She was apparently friends with the employees, and it seemed from their conversation that they had not previously been friends, but became friendly because she had eaten lunch there at the same time almost every day for so long. I even recall the cashier saying "I was wondering when you'd get here today!" I have been a regular at campus dining halls, campus wrap cafes, and San Antonio sandwich shops, which is bad enough, but a fast food drive thru? No thanks.

On the bright side, this trip to the store has already gotten me to make healthy decisions today. I grabbed a banana for breakfast and am drinking water in the morning (note to self: get soda with a lot of caffiene before afternoon meeting). I even brought a healthy lunch just in case my team isn't eating together today. (I don't like missing lunch with the whole team, but I also am tired of wasting money and calories buying lunch for just myself when we aren't eating together.)

This just might turn out to be a big game changer.

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