Monday, February 6, 2012

Win or Lose, We Booze: Season 1 Wrap Up

In spite of rain outs, poor field conditions, an in-progress Hasbro commercial that kicked us off the field, and the holidays, our kickball team finally finished our season a few weeks ago, only 6 weeks behind schedule (note: the season was only supposed to last 8 weeks to begin with)!

During the regular season, we had 6 losses (or what I like to call "moral victories") and one "win" (which I only put in quotation marks, because the team we were playing was down three players - that's if you include the girl that couldn't do anything but stand on the side because she had just had a C-Section and was only there to keep them from having to forfeit). Over the seven games, we scored 32 runs and had only 89 runs scored on us (which pretty aptly shows that all of our moral victories were pretty crushing).

Surprisingly, we performed much better during the playoffs. The tournament was elimination/bracket style, and in true form, as the penultimate team in the league (ranked #14), we were slated to play the McKool Smithies (#3) for the first round. We had played them once before, and they had obliterated us 13 to 1. During the playoffs, however, things were different. After falling behind a few runs early on in the game, we managed to come back and tie the score in the 7th inning, which meant overtime. We were then able to not only score a few more runs, but hold the other team at bay when they were up to kick, and win the game! The underdogs coming back to win against the somewhat rude team that had beaten them so badly before? I call that movie magic!

Unfortunately, the movie magic ended there, in that we lost to the SEC Ballers during a very uneventful second round. But it's probably for the best; had we won, we would have had to give up a Saturday to finish the tournament.

Buster Bluth: "(Holding up a trophy) And I finally feel good about myself. 'Saddest.'"
Michael Bluth: "And I saw those people, that was a very competitive category."

Highlight of the season? Watching how our team was able to eke out some of the weirdest plays I've ever seen. For example, there was one point where Brian bunted, thought it was a foul (even though it wasn't), and just stood there. He then wandered around aimlessly (in a somewhat circular motion) for about 2 minutes (with the ball still in play) and eventually slowly took first base. Amidst the confusion, Jared slowly sauntered all the way from second base back to home for a run without anyone even trying to tag him out. How does that even happen?

Low point of the season? Getting hit in the face with the kickball (that will teach me for closing my eyes when trying to catch a fly ball). Although, I must admit, even at the time it was pretty funny (in spite of the fact that my face was numb for the rest of that inning).

All in all, we did much better than I expected us to do. If nothing else, we're in a much better position for the next season, which is already off to a very good start... but more on that later.

What are some of the weirdest sporting event happenings you've been witness to? Do you think that Hasbro should have let us be extras in their commercial in exchange for cancelling our game last minute? For other members of Win or Lose, We Booze: what would you consider the highlights and low points of the season?

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