Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I like to run at night for many reasons:

  1. I dislike the sunlight. Not in the way that a vampire or emo kid dislikes the sunlight - I won't turn to ash, sparkle, or write bad poetry because of it - but in the way that a fair-skinned girl who gets overheated way too easily dislikes the sunlight. I like when the sunlight keeps things alive and well-lit, but not when it causes me to be even slightly (sunlightly?) uncomfortable.
  2. The streets and sidewalks are less crowded. The vast majority of exercisers are out during the day, leaving me free to roam the night (again, not like a vampire).
  3. It's usually my best bet at free-time. If I could ever get up early enough, I'd probably like morning running as well, but I don't. My mornings are usually spent over-sleeping, and I tend to overbook myself in the evenings. As a result, sometimes, the only time I can run at all is at night.
  4. Bunnies.

In my neighborhood, there are so many bunnies, and I only see them when I'm running at night! My guess is that they're at least semi-nocturnal or something, but as I know absolutely nothing about animals, I'm probably making that up. Hannah would know, she knows a ton about animals. Google would also know, probably. I don't plan on consulting either and will continue to speculate wildly (I also assume that they have laser eyes and all are Wiccan).

They're so cute. With each bunny I see, my run improves exponentially (not my skill at running, just the running experience in general). I've seen some other animals, too (a possum and a rat!), but they're significantly less cute. Even the family of cats I come across regularly can't compare to bunnies.

My favorite part is that they'll see me coming and hop away to avoid me. But much like how cartoon characters never to veer off the tracks when trying to outrun a train, the bunnies will hop along the sidewalk right in front of me for a while not understanding why I'm following them... thus maximizing the duration of my bunny-watching. They're so cute.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the Google Image search I just did for bunnies! Yay!

And just because... here is one of a duckling!

Photo courtesy of my friend at Walquist Photography.
Check out her Facebook page!
UPDATE - Teddy Westside sent me this very relevant youtube clip that I think we all need to see.

So really, what's the deal with bunnies... are they nighttime creatures or are these encounters flukes?

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