Friday, April 29, 2011

The Cheese Head, the Time Traveler, and the Piñata: Adventures in Rock Climbing

I've always felt that nothing could quite brighten up your day like a good costume. Halloween, theme parties, Wednesdays... there is no bad time for a costume (except maybe for a wedding, job interview, court appearance, etc.). Even health nuts and fitness gurus recognize the amazing benefits of what the British call "fancy dress." In fact, one of my favorite bloggers, Charlotte over at the Great Fitness Experiment, is constantly talking about her plethora of gym-friendly tutus (of which I am extraordinarily jealous).

What I have particularly noticed lately is how many fitness events involve costumes. I mentioned before that one of my best friends, Kirsten, participated in the Warrior Dash. What I neglected to tell you was that she went dressed as Mario (unfortunately, her Luigi and Wario counterparts were unable to attend/dress up). That day we saw quite a few costumed warriors, my personal favorite being Henchman #21 from Venture Brothers. In addition, there will be a costume contest at the Firefly Run 5k next month (which I hope to participate in, more on that later!), as well as many other upcoming runs. Races and challenges all seem to be incorporating some whimsy in with physical duress, which I find to be absolutely fantastic!

Even the indoor rock wall I frequent is now hosting a monthly costume contest, which just so happened to take place this past Wednesday. Hannah, Kirsten, and I put on our "fancy dress" and competed with the best to win a highly  coveted one month free membership (which I thought was perfect timing, considering that my current membership is up this week). There was only one rule: contestants had to be able to ascend the wall in their costume... which is not as easy as it would seem.

Though it was pretty cumbersome, Kirsten was able to manage climbing in her giant cheese head for at least a few routes.

Hannah at least chose a costume that allowed for free movement (time traveler from the 80's), although the leg warmers did make for pretty warm climbing (hence the name, I suppose).

My costume, however, was not able to survive the experience. I went as a piñata, and by the end of the night, my ensemble had been ripped to pieces (to the left is the "before" shot, I couldn't bear to take an "after shot). It kind of works out, though, considering that that is kind of what happens to piñatas, but on a smaller scale (yes, I am extremely grateful that no one pummelled me with bats to the point that I literally broke in half). People did attack me in hopes of receiving candy, as can be seen on the right [Kirsten and Teddy Westside - who was regrettably bereft of costume - were lying in wait with brooms as I rapelled down the wall), but I was prepared with an entire chalk bag full of snickers (yum! chalk residue and chocolately goodness!)

After some steep competition (you can see all costumed climbers below), I was victorious and won a free month of climbing!

However, I cannot say the same for my race with Kirsten and Hannah, during which I was clearly in rock-bottom, belly-draggin', dead last place.

All in all, it was a successful night. Now what should my costume be next month?

Have you ever participated in a costumed athletic challenge? Should we have informed that apparently hungry competitor in red that Kirsten's hat was not actually made of cheese? Can't Hannah totally pull off time traveling? Have you seen the movie Piñata Survival Island?

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  1. "Should we have informed that apparently hungry competitor in red that Kirsten's hat was not actually made of cheese? "