Monday, April 11, 2011

What a pleasant Saturday

Saturday, something pretty big happened. I naturally woke up before 6:30am. Sure, I woke up due to a bad dream (a bunch of snakes had captured me and were forcing me to do their bidding!), but then I stayed awake! Considering how little sleep I get usually, I am in bed until somewhere between 10 and noon most Saturdays. I stayed in bed watching television for a bit (oh how I love Fraggle Rock), then I decided to do something completely out of character; I put on my running gear, and went running at 8 in the morning. Do you know what I found out that morning? Running on a Saturday morning is extremely pleasant. It's not yet hot outside, there aren't many people on the roads to contend with, and you get to see the first tee off of the day (I live by a golf-course)!

To top it off, I had kicked it up a notch, bam! This was my first Week 3 run of my running program (yes, it has taken us over a month to get to week 3... deal with it), and surprisingly, it went really well!

One of the best parts was that when I got back, my dad had breakfast burritos practically waiting for me. It was the best possible reward for a successful outing.

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