Friday, April 15, 2011

The Somewhat Justice League

Sophomore year of college, Hannah and I were very into theme parties. In fact, we've always been very into theme parties, we just took it to a new level that year. We decided to have a superhero adventure for a bunch of our friends. Basically, everyone would provide their name and their power (it had to be a lame/odd power, because otherwise that would be too easy), and we would take it from there. We invented back stories, villians, gadgets, and evil plots. Our dynamic duos and terrific trios would go from site to site trying to foil their villian, eventually besting them using no less than three puns.

I mention this now, because I recently came across our old superhero profile pages on Hannah's mom's blog, Happy Catholic (not always happy, but always happy to be Catholic). Shortly after the hunt, she started posting hero profiles one day at a time. I haven't read these in years, and they made me happy. As a result, I am sharing them with you!

If you want to read our superhero profiles, go here.

Perhaps we'll be hosting another one in the near future...

Any suggestions for our next theme party?

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  1. I also just went through these a few weeks ago and they made me happy too. I think you definitely should do another party! :-)