Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not just a clothes rack...

As you probably know (considering that I haven't been able to shut up about it), my Dual Cardio Trainer arrived last Friday! My mom had already lugged it into the house before I got home that afternoon, and in dragging it back to my room, I realized something: exercise bikes are heavy. Weird, right?

I opened up the box, removed the parts and pieces, and began what would prove to be a 2.5 hour task of assembling my prize. I might have been even more excited about this part than the bike itself. I love building and assembling things, which might explain why I chose a career in the construction industry...

After hours of tightening bolts, assembling pieces, and some mild cursing, it was finished. I even made Hannah take some pictures of me using it before we went running (forgive the poor quality, all photos were taken on my phone).

Saturday, I actually used it for its purpose! I did some elliptical training while watching re-runs of The Office (Threat Level Midnight - possibly one of my favorite episodes). I think this cardio trainer will be perfect for when I'm watching TV. I follow a number of shows, but hate to just sit there like a couch potato (usually while chowing down on some cookies or potato chips) when watching them. I've also been thinking about getting up in the morning and getting half an hour or so in before I get ready for work. It could get me really revved up for the day, as long as I'm actually able to drag myself out of bed, so we shall see.

Unfortunately, I haven't used it much since then, as I've been out and about running and rock-climbing. Regardless, I am proud to say that in the 4 days I have owned it, I have not used it as a clothes rack yet. I did hang some jeans on it once, but only for a moment! (Famous last words?)

Do you have any at-home exercise equipment? Did it actually get used often, or where is it now? Do you foresee this actually getting used regularly or becoming more garage sale fodder?


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